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Soul Guide 
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Discover your Life Purpose 

And start living it!

I've gathered all my skills and knowledge acquired over the years 
(you can scroll down to see some of them)

to offer you a Life-Transforming Experience. 


In 5 sessions, I can get you on the track of reinventing yourself –
In theory and in practice.

A package of 5 x 1-hour sessions = $999

*1 Consultation Session (90 minutes) = $249

Networking & Marketing

Through my writing, I've established good relationships and personal contacts with various high caliber organizations and people of influence. Many come to me for help with their Marketing needs such as social media and connecting people and organizations. 

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Writing, Editing, Design, Copyright, Translation 

As a published writer, with nearly 20 years of experience,
I offer Content Writing and Editing, in English and Hebrew, to individuals and businesses. 

I am also a professional Hebrew/English translator with over 20 years of experience. My translations have accepted in courts in the U.S. and in Israel. 

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Cafe Philo Coaching and Conflict Resolution 

As a certified philosopher with a Master's degree in Philosophy, and also a certified life coach, I help my clients resolve everyday problems and conflicts. 


My Coaching includes Mediation, Conciliation and Facilitation services. ​I've successfully completed training by the Office of the ​Los Angeles City Attorney's Dispute Resolution Program.

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Mindful Gifts - Handmade Personalized Art 

My Personalized Bless Paintings combine art with energy. My solo art show, 'OMG Names' was held in an upscale Downtown Los Angeles gallery in July 2012. 

​I also make Customized Jewelry. My original designs are personalized to the client. 

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You have an idea that needs to take off to the next level? make headlines? team up with like-minded people who can make it a reality?

Whatever industry you're in, if I believe in your vision, I'll bring the connections and the "Chutzpah" - 


I have worldwide connections with people and organizations from all industries and all walks of life.
In our orientation conversation, you and I will figure out what your vision is, and we will draft an action plan that I can help you with, if you choose to continue working with me.

This 45 mins session is $149.

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Energy Healing (Remote)

As a healer, I have helped people with Migraines, Nervous System dysfunction and even Kidney Stones!  (See Testimonials). My Energy Healing is performed either hands-on or by connecting to a person's photo.

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* Other than SoulGuide and RainMaker  which are fixed prices,
All my services are tailored to your specific needs,
thus priced accordingly.
Also, when you talk to me, you are already receiving
energy healing which is "built-in". 

If you feel that you could benefit from my practice, let's talk!
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