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Writing, Editing, Translating - Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I got from my clients: 

"As a professional in the printing business, I know how important it is to have a perfect product. Not only do I use LiAna's writing and editing services, but I also refer all my clients to her before printing any of their marketing materials in English and/or in Hebrew."

Ilana Kadosh, 

* * * * * 

"I appreciate LiAna's professionalism. I was very pleased with the end results of the article she wrote about my Alef-Bet Family Preschool. Particularly her commitment to deliver the information as I presented it to her in our interview. She did a wonderful job within a very short deadline. In general, she is a very pleasant, interesting and professional person to work with."

Ziva Zeharya, Alef-Bet Family Preschool

* * * * * 

"A Spiritual Coach, I was on a quest to find the right editor for my content: someone who goes beyond the words and taps into the spirit. LiAna's way of editing while keeping the writer's voice is a talent, and it honors both the writer and the reader. She keeps the balance between the writer's words and the reader's understanding in a very wise, 'win-win' way. LiAna edited all the content on my website and assisted me to have a lot of trainees. I highly recommend her!"

Michal O. Michaelo, Los Angeles

* * * * * 

"Good job, professional, clean, and as informative as can be. 
Thank you very much."

​Arik Hezroni, Dynamic LA

* * * * * 

 ​"Hi, E-LiAna, 
A publisher friend in Israel had your article translated and you sure made me look good.
Thanks a lot,    
Tom Tugend, Foreign Correspondent​

המלצה נוטריון.JPG
המלצה נוטריון.JPG
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