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Healing Testimonials

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"My experience with LiAna's expertise in healing has been profoundly effective. I was in the process of trying to rid myself naturally of a 10 millimeter kidney stone without undergoing surgery, and after only one session with LiAna, and after an immediate X-ray, the stone was clearly on its way out. LiAna called and said, "Almost out?". After second session, it passed naturally, and I had a nice call with my doctor to cancel my surgery booked the next day! My faith in supplementing selective allopathic treatments with a truly effective energetic technique, has been the best combination of healing for me. Thank you LiAna for your awesome skill!"

Anamaria R., Los Angeles

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"It pays to be LiAna's friend :) I used to suffer from migraines, and whenever I'd get one, I would call LiAna on the phone and ask her to perform remote healing on me. A few minutes later, if I don't remember to 'report' back to her, she'll call me to hear that I'm "As new"... LiAna has also helped me with my joint pains and other physiological discomforts."

Tal W., Los Angeles
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