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Self-healing of breast cancer

Updated: May 29, 2023

By Aliena Baruch, M.A.

At the age of 37, Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful women in the world, chose to undergo a proactive excision of both her breasts, as preventive medicine. She did this because she was told she carries a defective gene that increases her chances of developing breast cancer to 87%. Public opinion was mostly sympathetic and praised brave Jolie for "doing the right thing" for herself and for her children, but in my opinion, she did harm. My view is shared with The New Medicine.

In this article, I will present my thoughts on the subject of cancer, with a specific focus on breast cancer, and offer solutions for self-care, based on the principles of the new medicine (which is essentially timeless and has spiritual roots), and my own insights. Also, I will bring the main points from two articles that I recommend reading in full* (1) (2).

The New Medicine is an innovative and holistic medical concept, which explains in detail the emotional and other causes of various cancers and other diseases, and the natural methods of treatment, without the need for chemotherapy and radiation. The new medicine began in Germany in 1978, by Prof. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, head of internal medicine department at the university hospital in Munich, who became ill with cancer after the death of his 16-year-old son. Dr. Hamer decided to investigate scientifically, if there might be a connection between the trauma he had experienced and the cancer. He did find that all cancer patients he examined experienced some sort of shock or extremely unpleasant surprise before the disease developed. From comparing the CT scans of the brain, to the personal records of each patient, a clear match emerged between certain "conflict shocks" (traumas) that are recorded in the brain, and manifestations in an organ of the body. Every disease is created as a result of a shock, conflict or trauma that catches us by surprise. The event hits a specific area of ​​the brain and causes an injury there that can be seen on a CT scan. The damage is simultaneous on three levels: the psyche (the person’s mental/emotional system), the brain, and one of the body's organs or body tissues.

The established, mainstream medicine rejected Dr. Hamer's discoveries, and conventional medicine continued with studies based on the concept that every cancerous tumor is the result of cells that for some unknown reason have gotten out of control, and may reproduce and spread in the body with no control at all. Therefore, they must be eliminated as soon as possible. Despite technological development and investments of huge sums in research in the field of cancer, modern medicine has not yet found the causes of cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. Therefore, most of the standard medical treatments today for cancer are based more on statistical studies, hypotheses, theories, and trial and error - than on a true understanding of the disease. The claim that cancer is an autoimmune disease that comes to kill the body completely goes against the principles of life. We must give more credit to the most developed and complex system in the universe - the human body. To understand cancer and treat it more successfully, it is our duty to completely change our mind about it. We must also ask what its purpose is in the body, and why the immune system failed to prevent its spread.

To reassure the readers, especially female readers, I will start with what cancer is not.

What Cancer is NOT

Cancer can't kill you Cancer does not kill the person who has it. In fact, cancer is a survival mechanism of the organ and the body. To maintain health, the human body needs to eliminate more than 30 billion dead and worn-out cells and a large amount of metabolic waste every day. Energy-depleting factors, such as: stimulants, emotional trauma, repressed emotions, irregular lifestyle, dehydration, lack of nutrients, overeating, stress reactions, lack of sleep, accumulation of heavy metals (mainly fillings in the mouth) and chemicals, etc. - interfere with the body in its daily attempt to eliminate metabolic waste, toxins and dead cells. This is how toxicity crises are created, and the accumulation of waste and toxins in some part of the body causes reactions of irritation, swelling, inflammation, ulcers, and abnormal growth of cells.

Tumor (cancer) cells are normal cells that have been starved due to lack of food, water and oxygen. They are programmed to settle only where there is "fertile" soil due to high toxicity, and to help neutralize the metabolic waste that has been trapped in the body, and the remains of cells that have begun to rot. To survive and keep the organ and the body alive in this acidic, toxic and oxygen-deprived environment, they mutate, and start devouring everything, including toxins. They take more nutrients from the neighboring, normal cells, and the latter begin to die. Eventually, the entire organ loses its function due to exhaustion, malnutrition, or depletion.

In fact, cancer cells help the body survive. Their purpose is to prevent immediate disaster from the body. Without their activity, the body may completely lose the organ in which they are located. Despite the efforts of mainstream medicine, cancer death rates remain the same. However, the cause of death is not the cancer, but the mental cause that was not treated, and the living conditions of the patient, exposed to toxins. In addition, radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery do not eliminate the causes of the disease, and only add more trauma to the body and the immune system. Most cases of death following breast cancer are also not the result of the cancer itself, but complications related to the effects of chemotherapy and/or ongoing or new unresolved traumas/conflicts such as: fear of death at the moment of notification of breast cancer, which may cause the development of lung cancer; A strong feeling of low self-worth, which can cause the development of cancer in the lymph or bones, or a sudden fear of entering a dangerous situation, which can cause "cancer" in the pharyngeal tubes and bronchi. Cancer is not a disease Cancer is a unique, very effective mechanism for survival and self-defense. In fact, a person suffering from the causes of cancer (which are the real disease) will most likely die soon if cancer cells do not grow in her body. It would be a fatal error if the immune system destroyed these cells because they are doing part of its job. Without the presence of the tumor, large amounts of the toxins will seep into the blood, killing the person within hours or days. Theories state that the cancer cells may leave the tumor area and enter the lymph fluid, which carries them to other parts of the body. The "spread" of cancer cells is called "metastasis". However, if this were true, it could only happen in those parts of the body where there are high concentrations of toxicity or acidity. Most tumors (90-95%) appear and disappear on their own, without medical intervention. Millions of people live with cancer in their bodies and know nothing about it. There is no anti-cancer treatment that can even slightly compete with the body's self-healing mechanism, which we mistakenly call "disease".

Cancer is not (the) enemy Cancer can help the patient cope with it and even overcome it completely. To treat cancer successfully, the patient must become completely whole again in body, mind and spirit. Once she correctly identifies the causes of cancer, she will know exactly what she must do to recover completely. In this view, cancer is on our side, not against us. If we don't change our perception, it will continue to resist healing, despite the best treatments. If you have cancer, you must ask yourself: what are the reasons that force your body to develop cancer cells? Once you have identified these reasons, can you change them? It is a medical fact that every person has cancer cells in their body, all the time. Normal tests cannot detect them until they multiply to several billions. As long as the tumor factors remain in place, it may return and develop at any time and at any rate. Curing cancer has almost nothing to do with eliminating cancer cells. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can poison or burn many of these cells, but they also destroy healthy cells and cause irreversible damage to all organs and systems in the body.

A true cure of cancer is not achieved while destroying other vital parts of the body, but only when the causes of the excessive growth of the cancer cells are removed or stopped. Cancer is not sudden Like any other disease, cancer is a toxicity crisis - the body's last attempt to live - to get rid of toxins and acidic compounds. There are no fundamental physiological differences between a simple cold and a cancerous tumor. Both are attempts by the body to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in it, but at different levels of intensity. That being said, most cancers appear after several repeated warnings: headaches that subside with painkillers; fatigue that is suppressed with coffee, tea or Coca-Cola; nervousness that you try to control with the help of nicotine; medicines taken to eliminate unwanted symptoms; seasonal colds that are not allowed to pass by themselves; avoidance of relaxation, laughter and silence; conflicts that continue to be ignored; pretending we're fine, when we're not; the constant need to please everyone, and the feeling of self-worthlessness; the constant attempt to prove ourselves to others; "self-rewarding" through comfort foods and so on. All these, and similar symptoms, are serious risk factors for the development of cancer or other diseases.

Cancer is not genetic In my opinion, cancer is not transmitted through the inheritance of genes. It can be passed on through the inheritance of the narrative (our "story"), for example: if a mother and her daughter share a narrative of abandonment, and it manifests in their lives over and over again (separation from a partner or his death), both may develop breast cancer. If a father and son both suppress feelings of frustration and loss all their lives, or do not allow themselves to experience love and "keep inside" difficult feelings, both of them can develop pancreatic cancer or heart disease. Genetics is not the reason! This explains why siblings will not necessarily develop the same diseases.

What Cancer IS

Diagnosis and treatment according to the New Medicine The new medicine shows that every cancerous process is created as a result of some trauma or conflict and its purpose is to help the body deal with the problems related to that trauma or conflict. The trauma affects three different levels at the same time: the psyche, a physical organ, and the area of ​​the brain related to that injured organ. The injury to the brain can be seen in a CT scan of the brain, and a doctor who has studied the "new medicine" can tell from this scan the type of trauma and in which organ the disease will appear.

The cancerous process is fully controlled and monitored by the brain, and when the trauma passes or the conflict is resolved, the body knows how to heal itself completely, usually without any need for aggressive medical intervention. Dr. Hamer's experience shows a 92% success rate in curing patients who have, at least partially, undergone also conventional medical treatment, and a 98% success rate in curing patients who have not been treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

The main characteristics of cancer according to the New Medicine In the holistic view, cancer has two main characteristics - the physical aspect and the emotional aspect, which of course are intertwined. In this psychosomatic connection, what happens in our emotional body also happens in the physical body. The emotional suffocation causes a person much anger, fear that others will not like her, and her "toxic" thoughts poison her body, threatening her survival.

When a person feels stress or distress, the blood vessels that supply blood to the digestive system harden and constrict, and she is unable to digest even the healthiest foods. In addition, when eating during emotional distress, the secretion of balanced amounts of digestive juices is suppressed. When you are angry or upset, the bacteria that keep the balance in your bile fluid changes and it coagulates. Constant emotional stress causes the formation of stones in the bile ducts of the liver and the gallbladder. Accumulation of large amounts of toxic waste in the intestines, chronic constipation, and poor absorption of nutrients, deplete the tissues, bone marrow and reproductive capacity.

When the reproductive tissue, which maintains the cells' DNA, is starved for oxygen and nutrients, healthy cells begin to change their genes and divide abnormally, to overcome the "starvation". Usually, many immune cells, pancreatic enzymes and vitamins break down the cancer cells in the body wherever they appear. However, when the diet is rich in animal protein, such as beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk, as well as high-sugar foods, most digestive enzymes are "wasted" quickly.

The Physical aspect of cancer

Cancer is a toxicity crisis. Poor nutrition and taking medication over years increase the chance of cancer formation, because of the acidic environment they create in the body. Studies have revealed a link between an increased risk of breast cancer and a diet high in sugar, and it is also known that regular use of antibiotics increases the risk of breast cancer.

According to the science of chronobiology (the science of "body clocks"), during menstruation the woman's immune system is weaker and the iron level in her body is low. Therefore, women who undergo surgery for breast cancer a week before or during menstruation are four times more likely to have it again. Their body is not able to destroy all the cancer cells that remained after the surgery, and there is a high risk of the development of cancer cells in other parts of the body. Also, the removal of the breast, and the resulting suppression of the immune system, very often cause the development of cancer cells in other parts of the body, which were already very weak.

By the way, two years after Angelina Jolie's (preventive) double mastectomy, when she was 39 years old, tests revealed the possibility of ovarian cancer in an early stage, with a 50% chance of getting sick, and she underwent (preventive) removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes, which, despite hormone replacement therapy, caused premature menopause.

The emotional aspect of cancer According to Dr. Hamer's findings, after examining hundreds of cancer patients for 20 years, cancer, the physical disease, only appears when there is hidden emotional discomfort and deep frustration. Cancer patients suffer from a lack of self-respect or self-worth, and often have "an unfinished business" or "unresolved conflict" in their lives. The body uses a stress response to cope with the severe effects of such a situation. Emotional stress not only may cause or contribute to the development of cancer, but it may also impair the effectiveness of treatments against it. What we call "disease" is a reflection of our emotional world, and we should pay more attention to it.

Emotional stress A sad and overly sensitive childhood produces an insecure, fearful and depressed adulthood. This can be reflected in eating disorders. Later, causes can be difficulties at work, the need to bear injustices in silence and "keep everything inside", and the feeling of guilt if the frustration comes out on the loved ones, as well as having no self-fulfillment at work. The frustration and the attempts to suppress or hide the true inner feelings, in childhood and adolescence, may cause the formation of a personality that eventually needs an illness to find a solution to the problem. Dissatisfaction with life is perhaps the most severe form of emotional stress. In fact, it is a major risk factor for many diseases, including cancer. Studies have found that severe emotional stress may triple the risk of breast cancer. The effects of emotional stress or unhappiness can seriously damage digestion, excretion, and immunity, and thus cause a dangerously high level of toxins in the body. Cleansing the body of cancer by aggressive means does not eliminate the unresolved emotional pain that is at its core.

Cancer - Response to rejection The body stores all the experiences we have had and files them according to their similarities. All seemingly negative events in life are actually a unique opportunity to achieve inner wholeness and progress in life. When we need to give ourselves more love and attention and we don't, someone or something in our lives is pushing us in that direction. A feeling of rejection or disappointment and anger towards another emphasizes the fact that we do not accept responsibility for the negative things that happen to us. Blaming someone else or oneself in difficult situations stems from the feeling of being a victim, and it may manifest itself in illness. Cancer helps break down old rigid patterns of guilt and shame, which cause a person to feel low self-worth. Cancer cells struggle to survive in a toxic, "hostile" environment. Eliminating the need for this struggle reprograms the body's DNA and ultimately results in healthy activity within it. When the "outcast" cancer cells no longer have to fight to survive, they are once again accepted by the body's "family" of cells. To live in health and peace we need to be friends with the cells in our body, including the cancer cells.

Cancer - Self-hatred Many cancer patients have dedicated their entire lives to helping and supporting others. If they sacrifice and neglect themselves to avoid dealing with shame, guilt, or a sense of self-worthlessness, they devote their lives "selflessly" to pleasing others, so the others will love and appreciate them in return. But they don't love themselves. This condition causes unresolved issues, fears, and a feeling of worthlessness to be stored in the cellular memory of the body's organs and tissues.

Conflict on a spiritual level From a spiritual point of view, according to which I examine all the phenomena, the process of disease formation indeed stems from a conflict or trauma, not necessarily "visible" such as death or separation. When there is a deviation between the role that the soul was sent to fulfill in the world of doing through the vessel body, and it uses it for other purposes, this conflict produces frustration at a soul level, which can develop into disease. to signal to a person that something is not right. Another example of non-visible trauma is, as mentioned above, in a narrative that is inherited.

Interestingly, in Judaism, the explanation for cancer lies in the word itself "sar-tan". The word "Tan" in Aramaic means chaos. According to the Kabbalistic concept, everything in tangible reality starts from a hidden and concealed state (on the spiritual level) that becomes a visible state (on the physical level). So also the formation of cancer cells in the body, begins in the subconscious and conscious of the person.

Wakeup call Cancer is just one of many methods the body tries to change the way you see yourself and treat yourself. The choice is in your hands if cancer will be your greatest opportunity to restore balance in all aspects of your life; Or the enemy who brings severe trauma and suffering. If you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to continue neglecting or harming yourself, instead of paying loving attention to your body and giving it self-respect, it will most likely have to fight for its life.

A call to take responsibility We are at the threshold of a new world, where the dominant paradigm is a consciousness of responsibility. And responsibility begins with myself. “Achrayout”, the Hebrew word for "responsibility" reflects this: A=I,1st, Ach=Brother, the next degree of closeness, Acher=the other. Your body always carries out the orders your mind gives it. The thoughts, feelings, sensations, passions, beliefs, urges, liking and disliking - all these are the software by which your cells were programmed. They must obey the commands they receive from your conscious or unconscious thought, because of the connection that exists between the body and the mind. The DNA listens to every word you say to yourself and feels your every feeling, and it responds to all of them. You can change the genetic settings of your DNA in a minute. You can rewrite the software in any way you choose, provided you are self-aware.

Cancer causes and increasers

Early sexual maturity Girls in the western world reach sexual maturity very early, and it has been proven that this increases their risk of getting breast cancer. The possible causes of this trend include: an increase in the rate of excess weight in childhood and lack of activity; Baby foods based on cow's milk and soy; animal growth hormones that are added to most types of milk; hormones and antibiotics in meat; Unfermented soy products such as soy milk and tofu (they mimic estrogen); bisphenol A and phthalates (found in many plastic products such as baby food containers, water bottles and drinking cans); other chemicals that affect hormonal balance (for example, cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoos and hair dyes); stress at home and at school; Excessive TV viewing and use of computers, etc...

Electric lighting

There is a strong connection between the hormone melatonin and cancer. This hormone protects genetic material from mutation. Studies show that working at night interrupts the activity of melatonin, and this causes excessive production of hormones in women.

Breast cancer according to the New Medicine

There are two main types of breast cancer: cancer in the mammary glands, and cancer in the milk ducts. These are two completely separate types of cancer. Each of them has different factors and a different development process. I chose to bring here only the diagnosis and the reasons for the two types of cancer. For more information on the development of cancer, symptoms, healing, treatment, and relaxation - it is highly recommended to read Dr. Saar's article in its entirety (2).

Cancer in the mammary glands (Mammary Adeno Carcinoma) The causes of cancer in the mammary glands are worries or fights/arguments within or in relation to what the woman considers to be part of her nest: her home, her family, her children, her partner, partners, her pets, her workplace, the community she belongs to, etc. In a woman whose dominant hand is the right hand: When the cancer is in the left breast - the cause is related to her mother, one of her children (or a beloved pet) or the house itself. When the cancer is in the right breast - the cause is related to the spouse or any other person except the mother and the children. In a woman whose dominant hand is the left hand: When the cancer is in the right breast - the cause is related to her mother, one of her children (or a beloved pet) or the house itself. When the cancer is in the left breast - the cause is related to the spouse or any other person except the mother and the children. Cancer in the milk ducts (Intra-Ductal Carcinoma) - This is the more common breast cancer, and it accounts for about 80% of all breast cancer cases. The cause of this cancer is always trauma or some kind of conflict related to separation. It can be the trauma of a painful separation; it can be a fear of separation and it can also be a strong desire to separate from someone.

In a woman whose dominant hand is the right hand: When the cancer appears in the left breast - the cause is related to her mother or one of her children. When the cancer appears in the right breast - the cause is related to the spouse or any other person except the mother and the children. In a woman whose dominant hand is the left hand: When the cancer appears in the right breast - the cause is related to her mother or one of her children. When the cancer appears in the left breast - the cause is related to the spouse or any other person except the mother and the children.

Metastasis: the accepted theory (difficult to prove) says that cancer cells from the primary tumor migrate through the lymph vessels or arteries, settle randomly in other organs, and start growing there in an uncontrolled manner. The New Medicine claims and proves that each "metastasis" is actually a new cancer created as a result of a new trauma/conflict.

Breast cancer treatments according to the new medicine

The most significant treatment is to learn to overcome the emotional trauma or resolve the emotional conflict that caused the appearance of the disease. This is work that is mainly assigned to the patient herself, with the help of the therapist. There are various methods that help overcome or get rid of traumas, and every woman should find the method that suits her best and the therapist that suits her the most. When a trauma occurs that causes the activation of cancer, our senses pick up most of the information available in the environment at that time - sounds, colors, shapes, smells, touch, tastes, specific words or sentences said, etc. These are buried in our subconscious and may be a trigger that will restart the disease cycle if we are not aware of it and if we do not learn to neutralize it. That's why it's also important to learn how not to allow those things that have been instilled in us to become triggers.

The awareness of things is the key to solution and is the main thing in healing if it is accompanied by a change of attitude, reference and thinking according to the need. An important part of the inner work that the patient should do is related to forgiveness (to others and to herself), reconciliation, understanding, inner peace, calmness, clarity about her path in life, self-confidence, love, giving, patience, tolerance, and faith.

Auxiliary treatments (in addition to the specific treatments for trauma relief): Diet and dietary supplements customized for the patient, kinesiological examination to find the appropriate diet, treatment with bio magnets. It is highly recommended not to fast before completing the two stages of healing. In mammary gland cancer, if the tumor decomposition process is done naturally by bacteria, it is recommended to eat a lot of proteins during the healing phase, especially if there are night sweats. Compresses: to relieve the symptoms of a swollen, red, hot, sensitive, painful, hard breast. Physical activity according to the patient's condition. It is highly recommended to be exposed to the sun for at least 15-20 minutes a day, in the morning or early evening. Support from partner, family members and friends is critical. In many cases, the spouse or someone from the family is actually part of the causes of the disease, therefore it is essential that the spouse takes an active part in the healing process, including if couples therapy is required to resolve conflicts. If the cause of the illness is related to a conflict with someone else, it is important to come to an understanding with that person, forgive each other and neutralize as much as possible the things that caused the conflict.

Full support from all family members and friends, without criticism, judgment, and pressure. Nowadays, the patient is usually under very strong pressure from the doctors to do surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation as quickly as possible, even if she feels great. Sometimes the relatives also join the pressure. These pressures are a huge burden on the patient and greatly interfere with the healing process.

Conventional treatments and what they do

Cancer cells are normal cells that have been rejected by what they see as their home. They are deprived of proper nutrition and support. Severing them from the body through surgery or destroying them with toxic drugs or lethal radiation add violence to the body that already has to deal with aggression. All the treatments that are accepted today harm the immune system or destroy it, and this causes inflammation and great sensitivity of the body to other illnesses. When we kill the cancer, we also kill the patient; Maybe not immediately, but gradually. Chemotherapy treatment may cause the patient to develop diseases even more serious than cancer. In the article "Why cancer is not a disease and why this is good news"*, quotes from senior oncologists, university professors and doctors in Israel and around the world are given about the "effectiveness" of modern cancer treatments. Most of them believe that chemotherapy and radiation treatments do not help but destroy, and even significantly increase the risk of another cancer. The condition of patients who do not receive medical treatment at all is better, and their survival rates are much higher than patients who are treated in some way. These aggressive treatments also encourage the patient's sense of victimhood, and they will not cure the underlying causes of the illness.

The public is being brainwashed by the media, medical industry and system, that a cancerous tumor is the real killer and that it must be destroyed at all costs, and as quickly as possible. The claim that early detection causes a decrease in mortality rates pushes many to turn to conventional medicine. However, early detection of cancer and its treatment does not prevent its reappearance, unless the patient also eliminates its causes. In most cases the depressing and very destructive treatments cause an aggressive cancer, which spreads even faster (as survival response) than the original. The patient eventually loses the time she "gained".

Energy healing methods - According to the new medicine Dr. Hamer discovered during CT scans of more than 20,000 cancer patients that each of them had a bruise in a certain part of the brain. These injuries result from a difficult dramatic experience that involved the patient's isolation, conflict and shock or panic. When the conflict was resolved, the test results changed, in the damaged area edema formed and scar tissue appeared. The cancer stopped growing, became inactive and disappeared. Dr. Hamer helped patients resolve their difficult conflicts, supported their bodies during the recovery phase, and achieved particularly high success rates in curing cancer. According to the records, 4-5 years after receiving his treatment, 6,000 of the 6,500 patients with the most advanced stage of cancer were still alive.

Spontaneous regression The body cells that feel attacked go into a defensive mode and become malignant only if they need to ensure their existence. Spontaneous regression of the cancer occurs when the cells no longer need to protect themselves. As with any other disease, cancer is a toxicity crisis, and the symptoms disappear when the crisis ends. Of the 30 billion cells that a healthy body sheds each day, at least 1 percent are cancer cells. These cancer cells are the products of a "programmed mutation", which keeps your immune system alert and causes it to continue its activity. However, when the body can no longer cope properly with the presence of worn out, damaged and cancerous cells, due to continuous effects of energy-depleting factors - a cancerous growth is born, and the toxicity crisis reaches its peak. With the right approaches, a tumor the size of an egg may spontaneously regress and disappear, whether it is in the brain, stomach, breast, or ovary. The recovery begins when the toxicity crisis ends, and this happens when we no longer deplete the body's energy but remove toxins from the blood, bile ducts, lymph ducts and cell tissues. If the body is not severely damaged it is perfectly capable of handling everything else. Medical intervention, on the other hand, impairs the possibility of spontaneous regression because of its depressing and debilitating effect. Removing all excess waste from the digestive system and harmful sediments from the bile ducts, connective tissues, blood vessels and lymph will cause the cancer cells to die, or they will be forced to change their defective genetic program. If they are not too damaged, they can become healthy cells again, and the cells that cannot adapt to a clean and oxygenated environment will simply die. Deep cleansing of the liver and gallbladder from gallstones and other toxins results in a significant improvement of the body's digestive power, thus increasing the production of digestive enzymes, which are very powerful anti-tumor agents. When the body is cleansed through purification and receives adequate nutrition, these enzymes have easy access to the cells, and damaged cells or tumor particles are easily neutralized and eliminated.

Many people cure themselves of cancer with this method. Some are aware of this, because their tumor goes into spontaneous regression without any medical treatment, after the diagnosis; But many do not even know they had cancer because they have not been diagnosed. A flu attack, a week of coughing with unpleasant-smelling phlegm or a few days with a high fever help many to eliminate large amounts of toxins from their bodies and with them - tumor tissues.

In order to recover from cancer we must give up the idea that it is a disease that has come to kill us. We must learn to identify the factors that force the body to take extreme measures and activate the very drastic survival mechanism, which is cancer. The cure of this disease is not expensive or difficult, but it requires that we believe, love, and respect our body and ourselves.

The miracle of healing occurs when the patient frees herself from the self-attack, and when external problems no longer affect her internal well-being and the way she accepts herself. Once you know who you really are and love yourself, you will radiate love on your cells. The cells of your body need to feel your love and self-acceptance, to know that they are a part of you and that you care about them. Give yourself an oil massage, go to bed on time, eat nutritious foods - these are powerful messages of love that motivate your cells to work in harmony with each other. They also make the body continue to get rid of toxins efficiently and without fail.

Why most cancers disappear naturally

Every toxicity crisis, from complex cancer to the common cold, is actually a healing crisis, which leads to a quick recovery if it is accompanied by purification steps. However, if you intervene with measures that suppress the symptoms, a usually short-term "recovery" can turn into a chronic disease. Unfortunately, cancer researchers are not trying to find a natural cure for cancer. And many people, paralyzed by fear and sometimes suspicious of the possibility of finding a quick-acting cure for the disease, do not allow their body a chance to heal itself, and instead choose to destroy what should not be destroyed. Malignant tumors do not develop in a healthy body that is able to activate its defense and repair systems. They only thrive in an inner environment that allows this. Purifying such an environment by any means may have a positive effect on the body's ability to recover from cancer. A toxicity crisis removes large amounts of toxins from the body and helps the cells to "breathe" freely again. Fever, sweat, bleeding, phlegm secretion, diarrhea and vomiting are additional exit ways through which the toxins leave the body. The immune system breaks down the toxins and eliminates them without interruption, and the decrease in the body’s general toxicity is sufficient to eliminate the malignant tumor, which no longer has a role in maintaining the survival of the entire organism. Illness is nothing more than the body's attempt to create exit routes for toxic substances, Illness is actually a gift that may save a person's life, and refusing to receive this gift may kill them. Many people die needlessly because they are being prevented from going through all the stages of the disease. When you take medication in an attempt to get rid of a cold or a respiratory infection, before you give your body a chance to eliminate the toxins, you suffocate its cells and it is forced to store large amounts of cellular waste, acidic substances and even toxic chemicals from drugs in the connective tissues that surround the cells.

A relevant point these days: suppressing children's diseases through unnatural vaccines may put them at a higher risk of cancer later in life. Smallpox, measles, and other situations, which create autoimmunity (wrongly called "children's diseases”), equip the child's immune system with the ability to deal more effectively with disease-causing substances, without going through a severe toxicity crisis. The body achieves natural immunity through a healing crisis, which removes cancer-causing toxins from it. It is important to know that the various vaccination programs may prevent the body from developing a health crisis that may save its life.

A person is their own best doctor - Consciousness of responsibility as the key to healing Cancer regression is not a "miracle cure". Today there is much documentation of amazing recovery cases from any type of cancer, and almost any other disease. The fact that spontaneous regression of cancer can occur, even in its later stages, shows that the immune system not only has the potential to quickly and efficiently cleanse the body of existing tumors, but it is also able to prevent the formation of new ones, provided that their causes are treated.

The body treats cancer as an emotional and physical barrier, which can be overcome through a healing and purification crisis on all levels - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Active participation in this process and acceptance of self-responsibility (AKA "self-love") are essential to treatment. The fact that a person has cancer should not make them a helpless victim. Changing the attitude, from the "necessity" to attack and kill cancer cells to leaving them in place and eliminating the energy-depleting effects of life, is enough to stimulate the immune system to treat the symptoms (the cancer). And so, without its underlying causes, cancer is just as harmful as a simple cold. A Japanese study showed that cancer patients who demonstrated a huge change in their attitude toward themselves experienced spontaneous regression of their tumors, sometimes within 24 hours, before sudden recovery. Such changes can be changing jobs, even if this means lower income; spending more time in nature, walking in the sun and on the beach, paint, listen to music and devote time to silence and meditation every day.

Women who were diagnosed with incurable cancer, and who chose to love themselves and their bodies, instead of adding to their traumas, experienced a perfect regression and recovery. They changed their approach to life, from passive victims of an "invasive" disease that cannot be controlled, to active participants in the effort to achieve a healthy body and mind. They accepted responsibility for themselves, and the first step was to consciously shift the focus from cancer to good health.

Helpful tips to help you prevent or recover from cancer

What you should do Removing all the stones from the liver and gallbladder, through liver flushes, and cleansing the colon and kidneys before and after each such flush, will help you create the preconditions for the spontaneous regression of most types of cancer. These also apply to their final stages. Maintaining a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle ensures that the recovery will remain intact. There is much evidence that fruits and vegetables may help cure and prevent cancer. Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain anti-cancer compounds, which cause cancer cells to "kill themselves". These vegetables have strong purifying effects on tissues and blood, and eating them regularly greatly reduces the body's toxicity and eliminates the body's need for cancer cells. Natural sweeteners, such as stevia and xylitol, do not deplete the body's nutritional resources and energy. Stevia has zero calories, so it cannot be used as food for cancer cells. Xylitol has calories (40% less than sugar), but it is slowly released into the blood, and if you don't overuse it, it doesn't pose a problem.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to deal with fatigue caused by chemotherapy. It is not recommended to start any new strenuous activity during chemotherapy treatments, but if you were exercising before you got sick, try to maintain some level of this activity. If you haven't done it before, start with slow exercise, such as walking and swimming. Half an hour a day or a few hours a week - that's all it takes to significantly increase cell oxidation. Such activity also contributes to curing cancer, since cancer cells suffer from a lack of oxygen, and exercise is a direct way to transfer more oxygen to them and improve the body's immune response. Sleep and Sun exposure - Two very effective ways to prevent and treat cancer, are: sleep eight hours every night, from 10:00 onwards, without artificial lighting. And be regularly exposed to sunlight, without sunglasses and tanning lotion / sunscreen.

What to avoid - if you have cancer or want to prevent it: Chlorinated or fluoridated water; Insecticides and other chemical toxins found in non-organic foods, personal care products, hair dyes, shampoos and skin lotions that contain chemicals; non-natural makeup products; artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose; exposure to ionizing radiation (X-rays, mammography); alcohol; cigarettes; sunscreen / tanning lotion; microwave ovens; synthetic drugs (almost all drugs are toxic to the body and may contribute directly or indirectly to the development of cancer).

If you have cancer, you must immediately stop eating refined, processed sugar, because it does not contain the nutrients necessary for its absorption. Eating regular sugar feeds cancer cells, but starves healthy cells. Refined carbohydrates, such as pasta and white flour bread, break down quickly into glucose and behave like refined sugar. It is advisable to avoid high-sugar foods and drinks, such as chocolate, ice cream and soft drinks, and you should also not consume milk, yogurt, and cheese, as cancer cells benefit greatly from milk sugar (lactose).

Additional energy healing methods from EliAna

Self-Love From a holistic view, that our body works with us, with our soul, with the inner child and with our higher guidance, we must be at peace with our body: eradicate the disease not through fighting but through forgiveness and compassion. (The Hebrew words for disease, fighting, forgiveness and compassion all have the same root letters). Invasive and aggressive treatments are war energy, and will encourage the body's war response, as explained above. Instead of adding trauma to the body on top of what it has already suffered, we must embrace it, lay our hands (the numerical value of the Hebrew word for “hand” is 14, two hands are 28 – same numerical value as the Hebrew word for “strength”) and stream love, which is the strongest healing energy in the world. Also, we must thank our body for its dedicated service, and for bringing to our attention the predicament that only we can solve.

It is recommended to scan with your eyes three of “The 72 Names of God”, which are aimed at healing and love (Read right to left):

Moving from a victim consciousness to responsibility consciousness Throughout the article, the need to shift from the patient's (passive) consciousness of victimhood - as someone whose circumstances have been imposed on her and dictate her life - to the patient's (active) sense of responsibility for herself, in her free choice. Instead of running away from yourself, you have to choose yourself. (Again, the Hebrew words for these actions contain the exact same letters spelled in a different order).

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery encourage the patient's sense of victimhood, while a conscious change of attitude and treatment out of self-love is an act of responsibility. So is our ability to rewrite the genetic definitions of the DNA according to our choice.

Gratitude state of mind As we move towards a consciousness of responsibility, we also realize that everything is for our own good. The change in attitude towards cancer reflects the change in our attitude towards life. When you are a victim, everything is done to you, to your detriment. When you are responsible, you realize that you are the creator, and everything is for the benefit of your higher self. Therefore, you should be thankful for it. Gratitude is a great gift given to us, and in my article on creating reality, I talk about its enormous importance (3). Veganism A vegan lifestyle is the healthiest state for a person, in all its aspects. Spiritually, we are all part of the whole creation. In my article on veganism, I talk about "the blood is the soul", and how everything that the animals went through during their lives, the conditions of their rearing and killing, is consumed by the person who eats their flesh, since energy (“Energhea” = "there is/exists" in ancient Greek) does not decay and does not get lost, rather it becomes a part of the person and therefore the proliferation of mental and physical illnesses. In addition, in animal foods such as milk and its products, eggs, and honey, robbery takes place. A cow's milk is for her baby calf, not for humans. In fact, it is poisonous and harmful to humans. The egg is the chicken’s next generation, which was not fertilized, and which was taken out of her under deplorable rearing conditions with great cruelty. So is the milk taken from the cow.

Not surprisingly, we learned above that when the diet is rich in animal protein, such as beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cheeses, and milk, most of the digestive enzymes whose job it is to break down the cancer cells in the body, are "wasted" quickly. Also, among the factors that increase the risk of getting cancer: baby foods based on cow's milk and soy; animal growth hormones that are added to most types of milk; hormones and antibiotics in meat. Cancer cells also benefit greatly from milk sugar (lactose), which is found in milk and its products. On the positive side, as mentioned, it has been proven that fruits and vegetables may help cure and prevent cancer. Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain anti-cancer compounds, which cause cancer cells to "kill themselves". These vegetables have strong purifying effects on tissues and blood, and eating them regularly greatly reduces body toxicity.

Joy and humor Laughter is good for health, and this is not a cliché. A feeling of joy is also expressed in the body’s vitality. Laughter yoga and stand-up comedy shows are wonderful ways to bring joy and humor into our lives.

Water Water is one of the four elements of the world and man, and makes up about 60% of our body. Normal water such as tap water is often acidic, contrarily, alkaline water does not allow cancer cells to thrive, and is therefore better. Squeezing a few drops of lemon into a glass of water makes it alkaline. You can also purchase a device that turns the water alkaline at an acidity level of 9.5 Sea Connecting with the open nature is great for body and soul, and the sea is the ultimate place. As mentioned, the world and man are made of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. The sea contains all four, and is therefore optimal for energetic "charging". Crystals Crystals are known for their healing properties, and it was not for nothing that the Israelite high priest carried the breastplate on his chest. Love is the most powerful healing energy in the world, and Rose Quartz carries it. Also, you can connect to any other stone that "calls you". It is important to clean the stones before use, and from time to time: wash with water, place in the sun in the open air for about an hour, put in soil (such as a pot) and then take out and use. This action charges stones with the four elements.

Ho'oponopono A simple yet powerful way to heal and love our inner child, is the 'Ho'oponopono' - an ancient Hawaiian method of healing through reconciliation and forgiveness. Based on the assumption that the state of the mind affects the state of the body, the ‘kahunas’ (Polynesian priests) would instruct the patients to repeat mantras - thus putting the sediments of the past behind, cleaning thoughts of negativity, and healing. Ho'oponofono was introduced to the Western world by the psychiatrist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who was able to rehabilitate with it a closed ward of dangerous patients in a mental hospital. In its modern version, the method can be practiced by oneself, when we say the mantras to ourselves – from our mature self, as a parent, to our inner child. The mantras are:

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.

“Bind your wisdom to your heart”

Nava Gani, the author of the (Hebrew) trilogy ‘Bind your wisdom to your heart’, introduces powerful energy healing methods, such as the dill worm, the light spheres, and of course, The 72 Names of God. For more information

To purchase both oils directly through me:

Conclusion - You read the article, now what?

What to do: Go with your heart (spirit) but also with your brain (soul) - keep up to date with the ways that work for you, read the two articles that expand a lot on the subject. Practice the healing methods mentioned above.

What not to do: Don't take my word, but check for yourself. And if this article resonates with you - definitely do not abuse your body and increase its trauma even more with the conventional "solutions". Don't go thinking "it's too late, and too bad I wasn't exposed to the article earlier". Everything happens according to the plan your soul has set for you. If you see this article now, accept it positively and take from it what you can for your highest good. And the main thing - don't be afraid at all!!! Understand things in depth, and change the attitude from a paralyzing passive victim consciousness to a constructive proactive responsibility consciousness.

Wishing you wellness and wholeness!

* The articles are in Hebrew, the first is based on a book by Andreas Moritz, and the second is by Idan Saar, an Israeli doctor of Alternative Medicine. (1) 'Why cancer is not a disease and why this is good news', from the book 'Cancer Is Not a Disease’, by Andreas Moritz (2) 'Breast cancer - according to the surprising discoveries of the new medicine', an article by Dr. Idan Saar (3) 'The right way to create reality', an article by EliAna Baruch

* * * * *

This article is provided for information only and the recommendations in it do not constitute medical prescriptions. The writer is not a doctor.

EliAna Baruch is a certified philosophical counselor with a master's degree, energy healer, and the founder of the website Unitysm. Formerly, editor-in-chief of 'Hebrew News' in the USA, and head of content and communication at the Tel Aviv Foundation in Israel, EliAna published many articles on philosophy and spirituality, as well has lectured on these topics.

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