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Energy Trespassing

You know those instances where you wanted to help someone, you intervened for their benefit in some personal situation, and then you came out the bad guys?

Or you ended up getting into trouble with one or both parties…?

This phenomenon is called "Energy Trespassing".

Each person comes to our world, the world of doing, with their own master plan, which includes a specific role that is theirs alone, a set of skills to help them, and also a set of challenges that are also designed to help the person overcome and move forward in the growth process - these are lessons that will be repeated over and over until the lesson is learned and internalized.

And yes, there’s also a set of people with whom the person has some sort of lesson or "correction".

Sometimes, when we intervene in such a situation between two people, we are actually crossing an energetic border, invading a space that was not meant to contain us, and impairing the dynamic that was supposed to exist in the connection between these two people.

The consequences can be much more severe than their anger at us or financial loss. Sometimes - depending on the nature of the karmic "contract" between the two parties - our intervention, trespassing can also cost us or them.

How do you make amends?

You explain to both parties that you wanted to help out of goodwill, but you realized that you crossed an energetic boundary which you regret; you then share this knowledge with them, for their highest benefit, so that they can move forward towards completing the lesson between them optimally, and the result will be liberation for everyone.

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