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Updated: May 29, 2023

The Right Way to Pray / Create Reality / Heal Aliena Baruch, M.A. Philosophy

Lately, more and more people are turning to me asking to pray for them on all sorts of requests. I have found myself explaining again and again, that I do not pray, but create reality, and that they can too. In honor of my birthday on Rosh HaShanah (Hebrew New Year, 5783), I found the time and energy to share this goodness with everyone. 😊

When we pray in the "conventional" way, we actually come from a place of lack (that we do not have what we ask for), of ungratefulness (we focus on what we did not receive, and do not acknowledge what we did receive), and of not taking responsibility (for abilities bestowed upon us humans to create reality)…

And when you come from this kind of approach, it is understandable why oftentimes nothing really happens. Memorizing mantras is also not very effective in causing the desired result – because it lacks an element.

So what do we do?

First, we must understand that we as human beings are partners in creation; if we are a “spark of G-d”, it means that we have divine abilities, creation abilities - "built in". These abilities are expressed through thinking (the Soul World), speech (the Spirit World), and doing (the Mind World).

According to the Torah and Kabbalah, the world was created through speech - in the letters of the Hebrew language, which is a meta-language, hence its name "sacred language". It is not for nothing that in the Hebrew language the word "letter" denotes both an element of a word and a sign, a signal. So, the Hebrew speakers among us, have some bonus here, but Everyone is created in the image of the Creator and can create reality. It is said "Beloved is Man for He Was Created in God's Image" – “man” and not necessarily "Jew".

Such was the potent ancient prayer according to the book 'The Isaiah Effect’ by Gregg Braden, which explains the way of the ancients to pray while creating reality.

When we want to ask for something, to pray - that is, to summon a desired situation, we should act as follows:

1. Understand with ourselves what the desired situation is - for example: I want to succeed in court and that justice be served; I want a good, healthy relationship; I want to lose weight and be healthy, etc ...

2. Put into words the desired situation - without the word "I want": "I succeed in court and justice is served"; "I am in a good, healthy relationship"; "I lose weight and maintain my health" ...

3. Note that the sentence is positively worded because the subconscious does not recognize negation and if we say we do not want an X, the subconscious will hear the X and act to fulfill it. (That is, it is not correct to say "I am not in a violent relationship", "I do not gain weight", etc ...).

4. Also, the sentence is worded in the present tense because in spiritual worlds there is no linear time, everything exists at the same time. The spiritual worlds that stem from "Infinite Light" are A.B.Y.A (In Hebrew: “I will express”):

Atzilut (Delegation/Nobility)

Bree’ah (Formation)

Yetzirah (Creation)

Asiyah (Doing) - which is our physical world, where the soul is given a body as vessel through which it can fulfill its mission and its correction and purification.

Everything is created first in a spiritual world and from there flows to us into the world of doing, and we see it in our physical reality.

5. The most important part: add gratitude for already being in the (desired) situation. Even if you do not really feel it yet, the words that come out of our mouths create reality, and these are words of thanks, which do not return empty (who does not like to be thanked?).

What exactly did we do here?

Since in spiritual worlds there are no times, the situation we choose already exists, and we just have to put it into practice here. We have brought a reality that already exists in a spiritual world - to be manifested in our reality, and we have been thankful for it. It is done through consciousness: consciousness is gratitude and within it the eye, which sees that the thing we are thankful for already exists.

Then our new prayer will look like this: "I am thankful for succeeding in the trial and for justice being served"; "I am thankful for being in a good, healthy relationship"; "I am thankful for losing weight and being healthy" ...

I am grateful for a Happy and Blessed New Hebrew Year to all of us!

* Image Legend: Thank = תודה Eye = ע Consciousness = תודעה

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