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The New World's A-Religion

Building a Community | Raising Awareness | Creating Our Reality

The Principles of Unitysm 

These are the principles I "received". It is likely that things will be further processed and updated later.

1. ONEness Consciousness - man is part of Creation, he is a divine spark within the world of doing, given to him "to work it and take care of it”. Thus, he should be at peace with all his parts and with all parts of Creation. An imbalance of the ego will lead to illnesses.

2. Complete Equality – Since every person is part of Creation, each person has rights to freedom, dignity, expression - as long as he does not harm another. These are known as the universal basic human rights.

3. Between a man and another person - "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." - whatever you want for yourself, want for your neighbor too, because we are all parts of the same fabric. When it is good in the common space – it is good for everyone. You do not have to love, if you do not know how, but you must not hate.

4. Man and the world - Creation is one total fabric, and there is an imbalance when some of its parts seek to intensify at the expense of another part. Such "robbery" is manifested between man and others, between man and animals, and between man and nature - his environment.

5. Fulfillment - Every person comes to this world with a "role" that he plays in the overall fabric. In order to fulfill his role, he receives tools, skills, gifts, and messengers. A person who wants to live in holism with himself and with Creation, will clarify his role and fulfill it with integrity.

6. Unitysm out of unity, not uniformity - When each person fulfills his unique self for the benefit of the whole, a synergy is created that is a win-win for everyone. The order of the hour is collaborations between individuals and their gifts, which create synergy.

7. Shifting from Victimhood to Responsibility - We live in a time that is "above time" - a window of opportunity to breach karmic contracts with which the soul came into the world. The initial understanding should be that we are the creators of our reality by virtue of us being a divine spark. This is the end of the age of victimhood (same Hebrew word root as “sacrifice”) and the beginning of an age of taking full responsibility for who and what we are. There is no "want" or "need" - there is "choose".

8. Religious Faith - From an egalitarian point of view, a religion that denies other beliefs will have no right to exist, and it will dissolve. And from the point of view of personal responsibility, "religious" laws that guarantee forgiveness and atonement for a person in exchange for the sacrifice of any victims, will also be dissolved. Forgiveness and atonement will be given to a person first and foremost by himself, through positive action and not through the sacrifice of life.

9. Health - In the new world, medicine will be performed by the power of consciousness. The original Creation is healthy (Same Hebrew word), and diseases are created as aforesaid from the imbalance initiated by man. Healers that are "clean conduits" can perform healing and even "spiritual surgeries" and dissolve tumors. This is on the condition that the patient is truly willing to break free from the old soul-contracts and live according to the principles of the new world - Responsibility, balance, compassion and love.

10. Politics - Elected officials receive a mandate from the people to lead it, not to control it. They must be clean-handed and experts in the field in which they were chosen to serve. The good of the people will always be before their eyes, prior to their own good. Every few years there should be a refresh in appointments, in order to keep the system clean and fresh.

11. World Public Opinion - The role of the Jews in the world is to "Heal the world" and to be a "Light unto the Nations." The chosen people were chosen for a very specific purpose to be the leader of frequency. Anyone who uses being “chosen” as a permit for condescension totally misses the point. Anti-Semitism stems from the disappointment of other peoples because the Jew does not fulfill his destiny, and is engaged in division instead of correction.

12. Nutrition - In a world whose principles are compassion, balance, and respect for all parts of Creation, there can be no situation where a mother feeds her children with the children of another mother. Also, robbery will have no place. Animals have a right to exist no less than man, and they enrich our world on many levels - they are not food, they are partners.

The new world (as well as the original Creation) - is VEGAN.

13. Abundance Consciousness - there is enough for everyone. The problem begins when the balance is disturbed, when the ego seeks to take over and spread. This is how cancer is created in the human body, and this is how the illnesses in the world body are created.

14. Recycling - The modern man feels the need to accumulate all the time, and rushes to throw away without thinking. Consumer consciousness overrides and violates collaborative vision, thus upsetting the balance in the environment. Collaborative consciousness also takes into account ecology and nature, reduces the consumption of non-perishable materials, and cleans instead of littering.

15. Charity - From the existence and distribution of the good, support and kindness (not at the expense of someone or something else), volunteering and a sense of social responsibility - there will be a balance that will lead to abundance.

16. Justice and Impartiality - When everyone takes responsibility for themselves, and understands that the other reflects to him something that exists within him, judgment will end as we know it, and it will also turn into taking responsibility. Applying the principles of personal and social responsibility, and compassion, will create a more moral system between a person and his human fellows.

17. “Lightness” eliminates “The Curse” (same Hebrew word) – It is very important, especially now, when man and the world go through refining and transformation processes that also involve the destruction of old structures, and ancient "comfort zones", to maintain a light, child-like soul: laugh a lot, lighten things instead of being caught up in dogmatic thinking and dwelling in the old. To be once again, little kids at awe. There is a saying, "We do not stop playing because we have grown old, we grow old because we have stopped playing."

18. Creating Reality - From a positive choice, seeing the choice as actually existing, and thanking for it, we can create the reality of our lives. In fact, it is a process of creation on three levels: the soul (brain = consciousness) - thought, the spirit (mouth = speech) - saying and thanksgiving, and the mind (body = doing).


Who Am I ?

My name is Aliena Baruch, I am an Israeli American polymath:

Certified International Philosopher (APPA), Global Healer, Writer and Editor, Artist.

Speak: Hebrew, English, Aramaic, Spanish, Italian, Turkish.

I channel myself, my soul, thus ideas come in the form of first person. 

Many times I know things that will happen, even if they are in stark contrast to what is visible,

(This is because in a spiritual vision "from above", there is no past, present and future,

and everything is spread out as one sheet).

I teach taking responsibility, being in gratitude, creating reality and even healing - yes, it's in our ability.

In this earthly life I chose to come into the world on Saturday, First of Tishrei -

the Hebrew Rosh HaShanah, the day of the creation of man.

The name from the 72 Names of G-D associated with my birthday is א.נ.י.,

which means "expanding the range of spiritual vision",

In May 2019, I returned to Israel after 17 years in Los Angeles.  In March 2020 Covid-19 broke out,

during which I was very aware of what the world was going through.

I have also known that I must compile the foundations of a new non-religion,

suitable for our upgrading world:

On May 14, 2021, I "received" this knowledge about Unitysm.   

Unitysm speaks of collaborations and synergy, compassion, and sending light for the benefit of the whole world -

From the personal fulfillment of each person’s special spiritual role, with the help of the tools bestowed upon him.

My World Center for Unitysm is being created in mind now,
to manifest in our physical world around Rosh HaShanah. 

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